No Concealment…..

A.Harris EX 59.47
Mike B. EX 72.98
Steve A. SS 56.45
Larry B. SS 58.53
Jeff T. SS 60.57
C. Bajer SS 63.99 65.81 (2nd)

Gary G. UNC 59.48 52.63 (2nd)
Jeff S. UNC 76.50 85.56 (2nd)
Jim G. UNC 100.37 84.14 (2nd)

Mark C. SS 40.91 53.22 (2nd)
David P. SS 63.28 74.34 (2nd)
Rick S. SS 64.53
Steve J. SS 64.56

CCP….Jerry M. MM 89.48


A.Harris EX 72.92 (2nd) 69.03 (3rd)
AJK EX 76.18
Frank F. NV 96.95

AJK EX. 73.32 (2nd)
Stuart A. MM 92.50

BUG…AJK SS 77.66 (3rd)


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