Jason R. 55.86 EX (2nd 75.10)
Mike B. 85.27 EX
Frank “MD” 77.97 SS
Charles 102.85 SS (2nd 69.59)
David P. 132.23 SS
Steve J. 147.14 SS
M. Carter 88.32 MM


Stuart 116.08 SS
B. Major 156.56 MM
Jerry 172.02 MM

CCP….Randy H. 116.32 SS


AJK 74.91 EX
A. Harris 89.61 EX
Doug P. 97.33 EX
David T. 83.92 SS
Tom N. 103.18 SS
Chris P. 139.36 SS
Randy H. 90.90 SS (2nd)
Ed 111.55 MM
Rich 130.41 MM
Bryan 137.08 MM
Mike S. 143.78 MM
Frank F. 242.90 NV
Joe H. 95.08 UNC

NFS…Buddy P. 208.97


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