AJK CMC EX 62.18
MG Brown NV 91.23 (2nd 98.12)


Justin L. Sig226 EX 55.87
B.Hughes GT1911 EX 55.92 (2nd 57.21)
David P. XDM SS 76.92
Charles M&P SS 82.32 (2nd 75.01)
Jerry M. STI UN 96.95 (2nd 79.76)


Larry B. S&W SS 78.19
PK S&W UN 123.32


Mike B. S&W EX 69.16 (2nd)
Stuart S&W SS 99.57
PK S&W NV 132.16 (2nd)


AJK G17 EX 51.04 (2nd)
Mike B. G34 EX 54.09
Dave T. G34 EX 63.48 (2nd 55.19)
Larry M&P SS 63.41 (2nd)
Bill C. M&P SS 98.43 (2nd 79.67)
Mark C. SIG MM 62.56 (2nd 54.65)
Steve G. M&P MM 126.6
Nick CZ UN 74.55 (2nd Taurus 93.71)


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