Carlos G. G34 39.24 EX (2nd 33.26)
Larry B. M&P 44.65 MM

AJK S&W 36.33 EX
Eric J. Taurus 71.0 MM

ESR….Mike B. S&W 54.66 SS

Coleman B. M&P 40.08 UNC (2nd)
AJK M&P 41.45 EX (2nd)
Mike B. Kimber 43.67 SS (2nd)
Mike Mc”N” RA1911 67.10 UNC (3rd)

Doug P. M&P 43.90 EX (2nd 34.73)
Mike Mc”N” G17 45.28 SS (2nd 47.26)
Billy T. G34 50.49 EX (2nd 43.85)
Coleman B. M&P 53.03 EX
John H. G17 56.88 MM
Charles B. M&P 57.74 SS (2nd 55.02)
Stuart A. G34 58.21 MM
Randy H. G19 61.43 NV
Tom Sig226 66.32 MM (2nd 53.20)
Larry B. M&P 43.71 SS (2nd)


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