SSR….Larry B. S&W 66 55.25 SS


Frank “MD” STI 57.99 MM (46.22 3rd)
Charles B. M&P Pro 70.46 SS (62.37 2nd)
Steve J. Taurus 1911 71.08 SS
Kai E. CZ 81.37 UNC
Frank F. XD 139.74 UNC

J. David G22 43.70 (2nd)
Larry B. S&W 1911 56.09 (2nd)


AJK CMC 51.49 EX (44.67 2nd)
Frank “MD” SA 1911 51.70 (2nd)


Mike B. G34 44.76 EX (49.74 2nd)
Justin L. G22 44.77 EX (48.06 2nd)
Coleman B. M&P 45.80 EX
J. David G19 47.48 UNC
David T. G34 49.56 EX (47.66 2nd)
Jeff S. H&K P2000SK 68.97 UNC (51.97 2nd)
Chris P. S&W Pro 72.24 SS
Mike Mc”M” G17 80.53 MM
Stuart A. WPPS 89.90 MM
Steve G. M&P 81.35 MM
Gill H. G34 91.68 UNC (76.33 2nd)


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