Here we go……BC IDPA…….03-13-2013

Okay Gang…..

This Wed. 03-13-2013 will start our IDPA Wed.afternoon season at BlackCreek on the Black Powder Range….36 rnds.min.,  Revolver Friendly and Bug gun too!!!!

$10 per gun…And if possible $5 for the second.  We will start at 1pm and end at 6pm.

No loaded weapons except when under the control of a Range Safety Officer.

No weapon handling in the parking lot. If you arrive with a hot weapon conceal, and plan on using that said conceal weapon in our match…..immediately come down range and see a a Range Safety Officer so that you may be unloaded safely.

And when you leave…We will also let you “Go Hot” (Range Safety Officer) But once you leave our area….NO WEAPON HANDLING IN THE PARKING LOT AND OR ANY WHERE ELSE ON OUR PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!

See you all on Wed.!!!!!!!!!!

AJK   A1257   C0239



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