Scores—Results—And a Big THANK-YOU to all!!!!!!!!

I would like to THANK-YOU all for supporting our shooting actives this year at Black Creek….Many old friends and many new ones too!!!!!!  We had a great season.  I thinking about some special shoots during out Fall/Winter months, Maybe a Rifle/Pistol Match….I will post details in the near future as I work things out.

Thanks to Mike Butch and Pat Harmon for running the match today….Both of these guys have help out alot this year,  Mike Butch has really done so much for us (BCIDPA & STEEL) Thank-you…Thank-you….Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!



Steve J.    143.42

Wesley B.   233.83    218.90 (2nd)


SSR/Revolver……..Chuck C.   279.63


SSP/Prod………. Scott B.  70.9



Brian H.   58.28     52.63 (2nd)

Justin L.   58.66

Mike B.    77.80      88.75 (2nd)

Charlie M.   83.26    91.49 (2nd)

Dr.Frank    91.25    98.18 (2nd)    136.30 (3rd)

Jim W.    100.29     139.71 (2nd)

Dave T.    100.35

Russ P.   107.61

Chris P.  108.25    98.99 (2nd)

Pat H.   117.09     115.05 (2nd)

Matt C.  139.40   105.18 (2nd)

Dan M.    305.78

Vanesa P.   507.65






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