Chris P.    UNC       101.61     S&W 686


Justin L.     SS     59.71    S&W 625

AJK             SS    77.87    S&W 625


Jim  T.      MA      38.8     1911 38super

Steve J.   SS        64.40   1911 9mm


Phil H.     MM     79.06    HK

Pat H.      MM     94.45    Colt 1911


B. Hughes     EX    35.69     G27  iwb   (44.41 2nd)

Larry  T.      MA    36.12    G34  

Doug P.      EX      39.21     G17

Chris Dye   SS    39.66     M&P Pro

Tim Y.   SS       41.93     M&P Pro

AJK      EX     45.37     G19  iwb   (2nd)

Billy T.  EX     61.25    G34   (68.06 2nd)

Frank “MD”   SS     62.26     M&P Pro   (70.96 2nd)

Jim S.   SS    63.19  G34

Pete H.  UNC  71.98   G23

Phil H.   SS   73.21   Walther PPS  (2nd)

Well…..We did it…Two rain delays and everyone was happy!!!!!!! LOL 

See you all on Sat., & Good luck to all that are heading up north this week-end.


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