Kevin Dunn A28491   NH 1911 5″ OWB (F)  130.32   Sharpshooter
Jeff Thompson A28289  Baer 1911 4.25″ OWB (R)  145.74  Marksman
Pat H. “Pending” Colt 1911 5″ OWB (R)  176.90 Marksman
Richard H. A27075  G17 OWB (F)  211.11 Marksman
Dan Drewry  A22342  G34 OWB (R)  97.95  Master
Mike B.  A30682  M&P L OWB (R)  122.6  Sharpshooter  (Current Expert)
David B. A34881  M&P Pro OWB (R)  123.71  Sharpshooter
Joe Simmons A36375  G19 OWB (R)  142.28  Sharpshooter
Steve J.  A40256  Sig 229 OWB (R)  167.36  Marksman
Richard H. A27075  G34 OWB (F)  206.44 Marksman
Leslie Trexler “Pending”  G19 OWB (F)  228.51 Novice
Good shooting…”Master” Dan!!!!!!!!! 

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