Steel Match on the Saturday After Christmas

On December 26, there will be a 4stage steel match at Black Creek. Round count will be approximately 80 rounds minimum (please bring more).


  • Open- Optic or laser sights, compensators. No limit on magazine capacity.
  • Limited- Post and notch sights. No limit on magazine capacity.
  • Single Stack- 1911 pattern guns with post and notch sights. 8 round magazine capacity. Must fit in IDPA or USPSA box.
  • Standard- Post and notch sights. 10 round limit on magazine capacity. Must fit in IDPA or USPSA box.
  • Revolver- Any revolver, 8 in barrel maximum.


  • 9mm minimum caliber.
  • No minimum power factor.


  • Falling and Static Steel.
  • Falling targets must fall to score. 5 second penalty per target left standing.
  • Static Steel must be hit to score. 5 second penalty per miss.

Holsters, Magazine Carriers, and Speed Loader Carriers

  • No crossdraw, shoulder, tie-down or fanny pack holsters.
  • Holsters must be secured at the waist or hip.
  • Magazines in belt carriers or pockets.
  • No limit on number of magazines or speed loaders carried by the shooter.
  • No third party loading during the course of fire.


  • Black Creek is a Cold Range.
  • No weapon handling in the Parking Lot.
  • If you arrive with a hot weapon, please see a Safety Officer to be safely unloaded.
  • Eye and hearing protection are required on the ranges.
  • Shoes suitable for the terrain must be worn.
  • 180 degree rule is in effect. This means vertical as well as horizontal.
  • Safe areas are along the side of the ranges against the side berms.
  • Ammunition (including dummy rounds or snap caps) may not be handled in the Safe Areas.
  • Ammunition may be loaded into magazines or speed loaders at any place on the range other than the Safe Areas.
  • Dropped weapons during a course of fire will result in disqualification- if you drop a loaded weapon while in a course of fire, stop, and await instructions from the Safety Officer. The Safety Officer will retrieve, clear and re-holster the weapon.
  • Dropped unloaded weapons while not shooting a course of fire- if you drop an unloaded weapon, summon a Safety Officer to retrieve, check clear and re-holster the weapon. If you or any person other than a Safety Officer touch the dropped weapon or attempt to retrieve it, both will be disqualified.

Posting of Scores

Registration and Fees

  • Registration will commence at 0830 hrs.
  • Safety briefing before shooting starts.
  • Match fee is $20 for the first gun and $10 for any subsequent gun.
  • Any run counts for score.

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