Saturday’s Pistol Match at Black Creek

Saturday’s Pistol Match at Black Creek will consist of 4 stages, 56 rounds minimum.

Two 16 round and two 12 round stages.
All targets will be steel.
Maximum capacity of magazines is 15 rounds. Magazines may be carried at any position on the shooter’s person. Any number of magazines or speed loaders may carried by the shooter.
Start condition of handgun is loaded and holstered (16 rounds max). Hands relaxed at sides.
Divisions are Open Semi-Auto (optics, laser sights, or compensators), Standard Semi-Auto (post and notch sights), Revolver (any modifications).
No major power factor ammo.
Minimum caliber is 9mm.
Falling steel targets must fall to score. Steel targets left standing will incur 5 second time penalty each.
Any safe reload technique is allowed.
All stages are free-style with shooting positions as dictated by the COF.
Registration will be at 0830. Shooting will start at 0900 on an Open Squad basis.
Match fee is $20, second guns are $20. Best score will count.


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