On Friday, November 27th, we are having our annual FAT (Friday After
Thanksgiving) Steel Match at Black Creek.

The match will consist of 4 stages of falling steel, and will consist of
approximately 80 rounds minimum.

Match Rules are as follows:

  • Divisions are Open Semi-Auto, Standard Semi-Auto, Open Revolver, Standard Revolver.
  • Open Semi-Auto- any sight system including optics, magazines of any capacity, compensated.
  • Standard Semi-Auto- 10 round maximum in magazines, post and notch sights, non-compensated.
  • Open Revolver- compensated barrels and/or optics.
  • Standard Revolver- post and notch sights, non-compensated.
  • Any safe reload technique is allowed. Spare ammunition may be stowed anywhere on the table, the shooter’s person, or both.
  • All steel must fall to score. Steel left standing will incur a 10 second penalty per target.
  • Start positions are shooter’s choice of low ready (barrel of gun touching table), holstered with hands at sides, or holstered with hands above shoulders.
  • Match fee is $20 for the first gun and $10 for any subsequent gun. You may shoot any Division more than once for score, depending on time available.
  • Shooters will shoot in squads of three based on first come- first served. You must stay and re-set steel for at least one squad after you finish shooting.
  • Minimum caliber is 9mm (.356″). No major power factor ammo. There is no minimum power factor for this match. All steel must fall to score.
  • 4 stages, approximately 80 rounds minimum. One stage will consist of approximately 40 rounds, please plan accordingly.

Scores will be posted on www.bcidpa.wordpress.com by Saturday evening.

Registration will open at 0830 hrs on the Black Powder Range.

See you there!!!!


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