Wedneday Practice Match Results (23 Sept 2009)

Results for the 4 stage practice match.

Stage 1- shoot 2 plate racks, any order, any reload.

Stage 2- Hands flat on Bianchi barricade, draw and shoot 5 steel plates (spade, heart, diamond, club, whiskey jug) weak hand. Perform a reload, re-engage strong hand.

Stage 3- FAST Drill- Load 2 rounds. Draw and shoot 2 shots to 3X5 card, reload and shoot 4 into 8 inch circle. 2 second penalty for each missed shot on 3X5 card and 1 second penalty on missed 8 inch circle shots.

Stage 4- El Presidente. Load to 6 rounds. Start facing uprange with toes on line. Turn, draw, and engage 3 targets with 2 each, reload, re-engage with 2 each. 1 second penalty for each point down.

BCIDPA- Results- 23 September 2009


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